Quick Start Guides


As a course administrator you can set some general settings for your course, set up test configuration templates, add a FAQ and/or add custom pages to the course.


The following general settings can be configured for the course

Course Name
The name of the course
Short Name
The short name of the course.
Features to display
Here you can select if the pages Exercises and/or Assignments should be visible in the menu.
Default languages
The default programming languages of the course. These languages will be used for exercises where Default Languages have been selected.


You can create test data configuration templates, which can then be selected when creating test groups. This can be useful if for instance all your exercises requires a specific library which should be available in the working directory (see Files in working directory).

The name of the template.
The files for the template.
Advanced configurations
The test data configuration for the template. NOTE: If a testgroup.json file is uploaded in Files, then it will override any changes here.


You can add a FAQ to your course, which will be shown in the Help page. To add a FAQ entry you just need to write the following.

The title of the FAQ entry (usually a question), which will be shown in the list of entries in the Help page.
The description of the entry (usually an answer to the question), which will be shown when a user clicks on the entry.


You can add extra pages to the user menu. When adding a paging you have the following properties to set:

The title of the page shown just below the menu when the page is opened.
The name of the page in the user menu.
The name of the page in the url. The url to the page will be[COURSE URL NAME]/page/[Url]
Requires login
Select if a user should be logged in to the course to view the page.
Requires admin
Select if the page should only be visible to course authors and admins.
The content of the page using markdown. Each header (#) and the following content until the next header will be placed in an area (white box).