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What is CodeJudge?

CodeJudge is an automatic code evaluation tool designed to supplement courses with programming tasks. Set up your programming exercises in CodeJudge with some test cases, and the students will be able to verify their solution instantly. We believe that the best way to learn, is to get feedback on work as quickly as possible - preferably while the task is still on your mind, and this is what CodeJudge aims to provide.

Besides improving the learning experience for the students, CodeJudge will also give the teachers a better overview of the students activity e.g. which exercises have been solved and by how many etc.

CodeJudge supports both training exercises and assignments by allowing varying degree of feedback. Using CodeJudge for assignments can save the teachers a lot of time testing the students' solutions. Furthermore CodeJudge also provides a simple plagiarism detection tool to help the teachers discover potential plagiarism among the solutions.

Read on to learn more about all the features available in CodeJudge!

Get Started

If you are a student new to CodeJudge, we recommend that you start out with User Introduction.

For teachers who have not used CodeJudge before, we recommend to start with our Quick Start Guides:

And then refer to the specific parts of the documentation when needed.